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Photos are the token of our life events. They remain in the memory and after so many years when we see them again they actually help us to feel the same way. There are many mega events of our life in which we hire professional photographers. At present time, marriage photo shoots are in the huge demand and actually the skilled and experienced photographers are not available as per the expectations of the people.

So many times, the wish remains unfulfilled or the satisfaction that should be achieved by doing the pre wedding photo shoots or other such events could not be achieved as per the imagination of the clients. You might have seen the many photographers who claim to be experts yet they are not!

However when photography was actually not adored by many, there were two passionate professional photographers in India working tirelessly and whole heartedly to make the memories of their clients so awesome.

In the year 1997, Mr. Chetan Patel started his brand known as Digital Photo studio at Bardoli, Jakatnaka. His friend Mr. Vijay Suhagiya also joined him and from then they are setting high levels in the field of photography and cinematography. Having the experience of more than 23 years they have made the special space in the hearts and in the memories of more than 300+ clients.

With the Aim of “Reflecting your memories” they have done photo shoots for weddings and other events not only in India but outside the country too. They have taken their passion to the new heights after working many important and adorable places across the world. Some of the famous locations outside the country where they have proven their expertise in their skills of digital content making and editing are as follows-

 New Zealand
 Indonesia (Bali)
 Germany (Belgium)
 South Africa

There are many other locations too that they have experienced and explored. Now they have started a new inning to provide their services using the website and internet portals. They started their web based services to provide customized services to their clients and according to their expectations.

How to contact them to make the awesome memories-
We are sharing the details that how can you take the benefit of their services-
 The clients are provided with a link of ‘Request form’.
 Fill the details as name, contact info and location etc.
 Request the service while submitting the details.

From where to get the link:
 Go to the website of digital photo studio or click here: http://digitalphotostudio.in
 Here click on the ‘Enquire now’ tab that you will see on the top left side.

So as we all want to make our memories as best as we can, we use the photos, images and videos to capture them. But it is very important too, to select the best professional photographers. In this article we provided you the details they will help you to make the right decision. We wish you all the best for all your future events.


It was truly a pleasure working with "digital photo studio".
Photographer Vijay Bhai gives all his 100%
He is humble as well as a truly passionate and hard working photographer
I really enjoyed working with him..there was never a NO from his side..
Utterly professional work...i loved my pictures...they came above my expectations.. all over an amazing
experience to work with him and paisa vasool photography.

 Monil & Bhavisha 

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 Marie Simmons ˗ New York 

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